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Cynthia Nash, founder of Amazing Journey College Counseling ©, spent over twenty years working in enrollment management at Northwestern University and Vanderbilt University. As an independent educational consultant, she guides students, families, and organizations along the college admissions pathway. Cynthia serves as a beacon of light on what, for many families, may be a confusing journey. Cynthia firmly believes there is a college that is an excellent personal fit for each student, and she works diligently with each student and their family to find that school!  

During her career, Cynthia has assisted and mentored many high-school students through the admissions process, providing strategies for creating the strongest possible application, writing a powerful essay, choosing the best teachers for letters of recommendation, choosing which type of application to use, and navigating the financial-aid maze. She is truly a champion for all students, and firmly believes, “Every journey to college should be amazing!”

Cynthia works tirelessly to assist ALL students in their quest to attend college. This includes current high school students, first-generation students, adult students who would like to attend college for the first time or return to college to complete their degree, and students who feel that attending college is an impossible dream. Her dedication and passion for assisting students and their families through the college-admissions journey is what led her to become an independent educational consultant. Not all  parents had the opportunity to attend college; but regardless , everything in this process is different now. Figuring out the best plan for high-school-course choices, career paths, and  filling out all the applications is now highly-complex, and many families feel overwhelmed by the journey.  Cynthia has extensive experience working with the directors in all areas of enrollment management - including admissions and financial aid - at two of the top universities in this country. Her expertise and insight regarding the critical components of college applications, financial-aid forms, scholarships, and high-school-course-choices that may make a difference in a student’s college success.  She works diligently to create excellent outcomes for all students and their families. Cynthia is truly an incredible coach guiding all who encounter her down the path to college access, opportunity, and success!

Additionally, for first-generation and under-resourced students, Cynthia has additional expertise to assist these students as they take their family into unchartered territory. Her ability to assist the students AND PARENTS is exceptional. Getting these students into college changes the future of their families for generations to come – and benefits not only their family, but the future of this world!


University of Pennsylvania


Monica Moran
Graduate Student,University of Alabama at Birmingham

“Cynthia Nash has always been an advocate and champion for all students, and she’s one of the most
honest and ethical people with whom I’ve worked in my career.”

"Having spent much of her career in university enrollment offices at two prestigious universities, Cynthia
Nash has a wealth of experience that is invaluable in mentoring prospective college students through the
application process. She provides insightful and straightforward advice on finding the "best fit" college for
each student. Cynthia is a trustworthy and tireless advocate for student success."

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