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Are you lost in the maze of College Admissions? 

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Learn all the areas that Amazing Journey College Counseling guides families and students through...

  • How to begin the college-search journey
  • How to know which colleges are good fits 
  • How to get great test prep 
  • How to write great essays
  • How to choose the right teachers for recommendation letters
  • How to complete the admissions process
  • How to choose the right college once admitted
  • How to find the funds for college
  • How to be successful once on campus

Cynthia Nash

Coach, Author & Public Speaker

With a combined total of over twenty years experience at Northwestern University and Vanderbilt University, Cynthia Nash has tremendous experience helping families and students successfully navigate the college-admissions and financial-aid journeys. She provides step-by-step, clear, and concise how-to's on college choices, testing, essays, recommendation letters, applications, financial aid and scholarships, and choosing the right college once admitted. She IS the guiding light shining on the admissions path!

Facing the confusing journey of college admissions?

Cynthia Nash provides expert guidance on the uphill climb to college!  The beginning is always the most difficult part of any journey, and Amazing Journey College Counseling will give you the support for this wild ride, and will not let you falter on the way.  

Amazing Journey's ethical, honest approach to working towards excellent outcomes for your family makes us the right place to jump-start your family's journey to college! 

Your student has worked tirelessly during high school to reach this point; let's get them on the right path so that, through continued hard work and diligence, they can make their dreams come true!  



Success on this journey doesn’t happen by chance; it happens by choice. Specific steps must be taken, and guidelines and deadlines must be met.  When you combine the right information with precise implementation you get great results.


Amazing Journey College Counseling does promise to work with your family to assist you in the following areas: 

  • College Fit
  • Realistic Expectations
  • Great Tools for the Journey
  • Keys to Excellent Essays
  • Test Prep Guidelines
  • 1:1 Coaching Sessions
  • Educational Webinars with Discussion Groups
  • Private Facebook Groups
  • Student AND Parental Support 

We have the proven resources to create an exciting and fun college-admission experience for the entire family.  We believe this is the FAMILY'S journey, not just the student's. From on-site workshops to online courses, coaching, and more, we offer a wide array of instruction and information so that your family's journey to college will be AMAZING!  Let Amazing Journey College Counseling show you the right path to take!

Amazing Journey College Counseling



College admissions is a complex journey, one with lasting changes for the entire family! Working with Amazing Journey College Counseling provides your family with support from the beginning of the journey until your student leaves for school! A child going to college changes the dynamics of the entire family, PLUS there is the emotional roller-coaster for the parents having a child leave home, and for the student, who may never have left home before. Knowing how to navigate all the nuances of college admissions and financial aid makes this journey AMAZING, not awful!



Cynthia Nash is a truly inspirational speaker, giving high school counselors, administrators,  teachers, and parents the critical insight and expertise they need to make an incredible difference in the college admissions journey. By providing practical tips and techniques, Cynthia's advice and coaching will illuminate the importance they all  play in this process. In this new age of uncertainty, when schools are dealing with so much, let Cynthia shine light on this journey for your staff and families through in-service meetings and family events.



Amazing Journey College Counseling has online training available that will guide you in a systematic way through the college admissions and financial aid journey.  Knowing how and when to begin the journey is the first step.  Additionally, some of the training modules are for the parents, some are for the students, and some are for both.  We offer online video training that is available to you at your own convenience. These trainings include templates to work through, assisting your family on working together for unity in this process.  


University of Pennsylvania


Graduate Student, University of Alabama at Birmingham

“Cynthia Nash has always been an advocate and champion for all students, and she’s one of the most
honest and ethical people with whom I’ve worked in my career.”

Christopher Watson, Dean of Undergraduate Enrollment

and Vice President for Student Outreach, Northwestern University

Christopher Watson, Dean of Undergraduate Enrollment

and Vice President for Student Outreach, Northwestern University

"Having spent much of her career in university enrollment offices at two prestigious universities, Cynthia
Nash has a wealth of experience that is invaluable in mentoring prospective college students through the
application process. She provides insightful and straightforward advice on finding the "best fit" college for
each student. Cynthia is a trustworthy and tireless advocate for student success."

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How to begin the college-search journey
How to know which colleges are good fits for your student
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